Interview Alert: Nadia Ali (+ a Giveaway!)

It is my pleasure to welcome freelance writer and children’s book author Nadia Ali to Frog on a Blog. Her brand-new picture book Humphrey the Egg-Splorer officially released today! Just look at that fabulous cover by illustrator Valentí Gubianas! Nadia has several published books, including the recently-released four-book series Animal Societies, which feature animal families, homes, communication, and jobs.

I invited Nadia to share a little about the inspiration for Humphrey the Egg-Splorer and a bit about herself too. Read to the end for information on how you can win a copy of Humphrey the Egg-Splorer fromYeehoo Press. Let’s get to know Nadia!

Congratulations on your upcoming picture book Humphrey the Egg-splorer! Please tell us what inspired you to write it and a little bit about it.

Nadia: Thank you, Lauri. The inspiration came from Dan Santat’s After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Up Again), which got me thinking about Humpty in today’s world. I imagined Humpty to be a grandpa and his grandson Humphrey wanting to become a great egg-splorer like his grandpa. But with one big difference – he doesn’t want to have a great fall and so, discovers how to become stronger.

Valentí Gubianas’s illustrations in Humphrey the Egg-splorer are so colorful and cheery! What did you think when you saw the completed book for the first time?

Nadia: The completed book took my breath away! Valentí chose orange, red, and yellow, which made the illustrations vibrant and warm. Yeehoo Press utilized this by creating numerous double-paged spreads, creating a stunning visual impact.

You are a freelance writer who not only writes children’s books, but also books, magazine articles, and online content for adults. How did you begin your career as a writer and which do you like best, writing for kids or adults?

Nadia: I began writing as a greeting card writer in the days when that market was booming and have numerous cards to my name. From there, I branched out to writing for adults and found a niche in the travel and pet industry. I enjoy writing for both adults and kids as it challenges me in different ways. For adults, I learn about a topic in a structured informative way that transforms into an article. And, when writing for kids, they learn about a topic in an entertaining, fun way that evolves into a picture book story.

Why do you think picture books are important?

Nadia: Picture books encourage children’s literary, language, and vocabulary skills but also because they help with tough topics never discussed before, such as diversity, belonging, and anxiety.

Who are your favorite authors or illustrators?

Nadia: There are many that I admire. The legendary Beatrix Potter is a definite favorite, both an author and illustrator having created the much-loved character of Peter Rabbit. Hena Khan (author), Vashti Harrison (both), Raissa Figueroa (illustrator,) Hatem Aly (illustrator) and, of course, illustrator extraordinaire Valenti Gubianas for the wonderful job he did of bringing Humphrey to life!

Where can fans connect with you or find out more about your books online?






Do you have any words of advice for aspiring picture book writers?

Nadia: Publishing a picture book by a traditional publisher takes time…lots of time! From the moment you get a yes to your submission to signing a contract, writing revisions, and holding the completed book in your hands – the whole process could span two years! So my words of advice is patiently persevere and be in no rush.


Nadia and Yeehoo Press are generously giving away a copy of Humphrey the Egg-Splorer to one lucky person who comments on this blog post! Just leave a comment by April 22nd. I will choose a winner at random and connect them with Nadia. The giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!

Nadia Ali was born in London, UK, and currently resides in the Caribbean where she lives with her husband and has two married daughters. She enjoys writing features and articles which are published online and in magazines. As a children’s author, she writes fiction and nonfiction picture books. When she is not writing, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up a super sweet dessert.

More about Humphrey the Egg-splorer from Yeehoo Press:

A rollicking story that expands the famous tale of a fragile egg to a new story about bravery, creativity, and forging your own path.


Eggs are fragile and bought specifically to be cracked. . . but what if they don’t want to be cracked and have their own ambitions and goals for life like becoming a great egg-splorer? Humphrey has long known the cautionary tale of his grandfather, Humpty Dumpty. Being an egg means he can easily slip and crack at any time . . . but what does that mean for his dreams of becoming an egg-splorer and going on grand adventures? But Humphrey is determined, and he’ll do whatever it takes to become a brave adventurer―even if that means putting himself through the fieriest trials to get there. Inspired by the beloved nursery rhyme, author Nadia Ali and artist Valentí Gubianas deliver a rollicking story that expands the famous tale of a fragile egg to a new story about bravery, creativity, and forging your own path.