My View Book Review: All The Other Nuggies by Jeff Minich

Title: All The Other Nuggies

Author: Jeff Minich

Illustrator: Renan Garcia

Publisher/Year: Nuggies Inc./2015


I’m a sucker for picture books about puppies, so when Jeff Minich, the author of All The Other Nuggies, contacted me about reviewing his book, I couldn’t say no. Just look at the cute little canines on the cover. I asked Jeff why he calls them Nuggies and he told me that the name is a transformation of the word nuggets, a nickname he uses for his own dogs. And All The Other Nuggies was, in fact, inspired by his dog Coco who was found living under an abandoned car.

All The Other Nuggies is the second book in the Nuggies series. The first book is Daddy Forgot My Dinner, which stars a very hungry pup named Chomper. All The Other Nuggies focuses on Coco, a shy and lonely little pup without a home. In the story, Coco meets Chomper who encourages her to come play with him and the other Nuggies. As the puppies all play a game of hide and seek, Coco discovers that the things she was worried about, the things that make her different (long skinny legs, big pointy ears, a mask), are the very same things that make her special, and even help her win the game.

When I was a child, I was shy, and so I didn’t interact with other children much. Like Coco, I felt different, like I didn’t fit in, and as I watched the other kids play, I felt lonely. How many kids today feel the same way? All The Other Nuggies is a perfect choice to share with children who are just entering preschool or kindergarten, especially since making friends and self acceptance, two very important concerns in a young school-aged child’s life, are the main themes in the book. Children will enjoy this sweet story starring puppies, which is illustrated in a fun, cartoon style. I especially like the picture of Coco imagining herself with giraffe legs. So cute! I think my dog Java, who inspires my writing too, would make a great Nuggie. What do you think?

Can I be a Nuggie too?