My View Book Review: Where Is Robin? USA

Title: Where Is Robin? USA

Author: Robin Barone

Illustrator: Robyn Mitchell

Publisher/Year: Diplomat Books/2017

Special Features: Includes a fold-out map of the United States in the back of the book

An enthusiastic young robin packs her bags, says goodbye to her mom, and flies off to see as much of the country as she can. She begins her journey in Pennsylvania. From there she goes to Washington D.C., Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana, before heading west to Texas, Arizona, California, and Washington. Then she swings around and visits Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and finally, returns back home to New York.

Along the way, she sees fantastic sites: the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the Grande Ole Opry in Nashville, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and Hollywood, to name but a few. By the time Robin returns home, laden with souvenirs from every stop, she’s ready to set a date to see the world.

Where Is Robin? USA is a great first introduction to travel and the United States for kids. Every page includes information about the location, conveyed to the reader through simple rhyming text and colorful, engaging illustrations.

This island was home to the Brothers Wright.

Thanks to them in 1903, the first plane took flight.

Look for more books in the Where Is Robin? series.

Finley Has a New Friend! Meet Irwin!

Irwin Publicity (3)As you can see, Irwin is a frog. But he’s no ordinary frog. He likes to travel. He likes to read. And he’s also an author. He writes (with the help of his human companion Elaine) children’s books about cool things like visiting Paris, caring for the environment, and life in the Old West. Irwin even has his own website called Irwin Quagmire Wart (also his full name), filled with lots of fun stuff such as frog facts and frog jokes. You can also meet his family, view photos of his home swamp, and learn all about the frog holidays he celebrates. 

Finley and I wanted to find out more about Irwin and his books, so we invited him to write a guest post for Frog on a Blog. Irwin’s a pretty cool little froggy dude. Take a look!

Hi everyone!

My name is Irwin Quagmire Wart and I’m an author of fun-cational books for kids. I also happen to be a frog, like my new friend Finley. It’s an honor to be a guest writer here on his blog, and to have the opportunity to share with you a little about myself and my books. 

100_2711 (2)

Land of Lily Pad is the place I call home.  I live with my mother, father, and baby brother. I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins, too. Family is important to me. If you visit my website, you can learn about researching the history of your family, like I did. You’ll also find photos of me and all my relatives. We’re a colorful bunch! 

My website also has fun and educational facts about water conservation (that’s important for everyone, especially us frogs), a page of silly frog jokes and games, as well as my mom’s rules on “How to Behave in the Swamp”. They might be for frogs and tadpoles, but they work for human kids, too. But the “My Books” page is my favorite. 

100_2710 (2)

So far, I’ve written four and I’m busy working on my fifth one. Green Is Good is a kid’s guide to environmental stewardship. It’s packed with lots of interesting facts and fun activities that you can do to help the environment. Irwin Quagmire Wart Travels to Paris, France is a kid’s guide to the City of Lights. I spent 10 days there and you’ll get a frog’s eye view of this magical city. There are even some basic French lessons to help you get started. Perfectly Perfect is a short, rhyming book on why we need to embrace who we are, no matter what size or shape we might be. Irwin Quagmire Wart Travels Back in Time is another travel book. My dad and I took a trip to Texas and learned about life in Pioneer America. It’s filled with cool facts about the Old West and lots of pictures taken in an authentic replica of a pioneer town. 

100_2709 (2)100_2712 (2)

I had lots of fun writing these books and I think you’ll have fun reading them, too!

My website is I’m also on FaceBook, if you want to connect there, at  Follow me on Twitter @IrwinQWart. 

Thanks for reading.  I hope to connect with you again soon!

“Ask not what your swamp can do for you. Ask what you can do for your swamp.”….Irwin Quagmire Wart (and maybe John F. Kennedy said something similar many years ago)

So nice to meet you, Irwin! Hop on by Frog on a Blog anytime; Finley would love to see you!

Finley says, "Rib-yup, rib-yup!"

Finley says, “Rib-yup, rib-yup!”