And The Winner Is…



The winner of this year’s Caldecott Medal is The Lion & The Mouse, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney and published by Little, Brown Books For Young Readers. This is a wordless retelling of the Aesop fable in which an adventuresome mouse proves that even small creatures are capable of great deeds when he rescues the King of the Jungle. I have seen this book and it truly is beautifully illustrated. Now that it has won, I plan to look it up again. I reserved a copy at the library and apparently I’m not the only one as two other people are waiting for copies too. It’s a good thing that there are 15 copies in the county-wide library system because I’m sure others will be looking it up as well. For more information about The Lion & The Mouse as well as the honor winners and the Newbery Medal winners, click on the American Library Association (ALA) link in the sidebar.

One thought on “And The Winner Is…

  1. It’s so nice to find your blog on the library website. It is such a nice addition to the library information.

    I am happy to see Jerry Pinckney’s book winning. I loved The Talking Eggs, and Miranda and Brother Wind. My students enjoyed seeing beautiful illustrations of African American characters in his folk tales.

    I’ll have to check out Bears On Chairs. Some of my grandchildren could benefit from a little sharing lesson.

    Most enjoyable blog. Thank you


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