Bears On Chairs

Cover Image  Bears On Chairs was written by Shirley Parenteau and illustrated by David Walker. It was published in 2009 by Candlewick Press. This book is a wonderful introduction to sharing for young readers. Four adorable bears, which look more like huggable, squeezable teddy bears than real bears, find a way to share their four small chairs with one more bear. Easy, rhyming text and soft acrylic illustrations make this story simply enjoyable. In fact, I’m so captivated by this book, I plan to buy a copy for my own personal library. And I definitely will look for more by this author and illustrator.

As a side note, if you find a book that you absolutely love, whether you saw it at the library or at a bookstore, consider purchasing it for yourself or your children. Not only will you be supporting a talented author and illustrator, but you’ll have something to treasure over and over for a very long time.

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