Kirkus Reviews Continues

Back in early December of last year, I talked a little about Kirkus Reviews and how they were ceasing publications after 75 years of service to the book industry. Well, now I have to eat my words because Kirkus has been sold. This report comes from the New York Times. Kirkus has been sold to Herb Simon, the owner of the Indiana Pacers of the N.B.A., and chairman emeritus of the shopping mall developer Simon Property Group. According to the article, Mr. Simon is a longtime subscriber to Kirkus and was sorry that Kirkus was leaving. No immediate changes to Kirkus have been planned, but improvements will be made over time. So, if you were like Mr. Simon and were sad to see the end of a trusted literary journal, cheer up-Kirkus Reviews has been given a second life. To read the whole New York Times article, click here:

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