Picture Books At The Library 215

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all. But I can share them! Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.) Check your local library or bookstore for availability.
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THIS LITTLE PUP: When a little boy throws a ball for a little pup to catch, it bounces past many animals until it’s finally caught. Concept
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CAVE DADA: Even after a long day of hunting and gathering, Dada will do anything for Baba, but Baba wants a book, not just any book, the biggest book of all. Hilarious!
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LIFT: A girl who loves to press the elevator button finds a broken button in the trash, hangs it by her closet door, presses it, and discovers worlds beyond her imagination waiting when the door opens.
OUR FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR: Four kindergartners who think they have nothing in common become friends after sharing traditions of their favorite holidays.
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MY BROTHER THE DUCK: Stella, a fledgling scientist, has a new baby brother, Drake, and she is seriously considering the possibility that he is a duck, but furher research is required to test the hypothesis.
WHERE’D MY JO GO?: When Big Al, a little dog, gets separted from his trucker friend Jo at a roadside rest area, he patiently waits for her to return. Rhyme
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OTIS P. OLIVER PROTESTS: Otis rouses a rabble of neighborhood children to join him in a protest demonstration against baths, but notes from his mother lead to a compromise.
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THE BUG COLLECTOR: George loves bugs and decides to collect them until he realizes that watching them in their natural habitat is much better than keeping them in bottles.
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HOT HOT PANCAKES!: When Mommy Mouse leaves Max in charge while she’s out, he decides to make pancakes for his brothers and sisters, but he forgets to make one for himself.
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FOLLOW ME, FLO!: On the way to visit Auntie Jenna, Flo is supposed to follow Daddy Duck, but instead she goes a different way and attracts the attention of hungry Roxy Fox.
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THE ELEPHANT’S GUIDE TO HIDE-AND-SEEK: When an elephant who loves to play with his friends, but doesn’t like to always be the first one found in hide-and-seek needs help, he turns to The Elephant’s Guide to Hide-and-Seek.
MY BIG FAMILY: Alex is excited when his Abuela comes from Cuba to stay with him and his parents, but when even more family moves in, the house is soon bursting at the seams.

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