Picture Books At The Library 216

I catalog hundreds of new picture books each year, and I read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t review them all. But I can share them! Below are a few recent titles. (Summaries have been taken directly from the books whenever possible.) Check your local library or bookstore for availability.
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TOGETHER WE GROW: When a bad storm drives all of the farm animals into the barn, they have trouble setting aside their fears and welcoming wild animals in, too, like a frightened fox family. Rhyme
51315790. sx318
I WILL DANCE: Eve’s cerebral palsy makes it difficult for her to do many things, but she longs to dance, and finally her dream is realized when she joins a special dance class.
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ALL ABOARD THE MOONLIGHT TRAIN: Grab your ticket and climb aboard the Moonlight Train where you can read books with a lion, eat pancakes with warthogs, climb up a giraffe’s neck to get the best view, and much more until you’re finally sleepy. Rhyme
50223107. sx318 sy475
CLEM AND CRAB: Clem loves the beach, but not all the garbage left behind, so she takes Crab home with her to protect him, but there has to be something more she can do to save Crab’s home.
50957365. sx318 sy475
GOING UP!: A girl and her father are invited to a neighbor’s birthday party on the 10th floor of their apartment building and meet many other neighbors on their way up in the elevator and things become a bit crowded.
50092974. sx318 sy475
SANDCASTLE: A young girl builds a sandcastle so grand and lovely that royalty from all over the world come to visit, but they are not pleased with all the sand until she starts a game they can’t resist.
51009988. sx318 sy475
THE THREE LITTLE YOGIS AND THE WOLF WHO LOST HIS BREATH: In this twist on the classic fairy tale, a wolf who lost his huff and puff finds his breath with the help of three yogis.
51250344. sx318 sy475
THIS WAY, CHARLIE: Jack the goat isn’t sure about Charlie the horse at first, but the two soon form an unbreakable bond, where Jack is Charlie’s eyes as he goes blind, even after a storm puts their friendship to the test.
50221861. sx318 sy475
A IS FOR ANOTHER RABBIT: Dr. Owl simply wants to make a proper, respectable alphabet book, but some rule-bending, rebellious, and occasionally rhyming rabbits have other ideas. Concept
44280974. sx318
TINY BIRD: As autumn nears, flowers fade and insects become quiet, and Tiny Bird leaves his northern home for the long and perilous journey to lush southern forests.
49270002. sx318
A FAMILY FOR LOUIE: A French bulldog who loves gourmet food has trouble finding a family that is just right for him. Adorable!
50159059. sx318 sy475
ONCE UPON A UNICORN’S HORN: A little girl befriends a sad, tiny horse, and with a bit of magic and an ice cream cone, helps him fly.

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