Picture Books At The Library 230

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
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THE TALE OF THE MANDARIN DUCK: A special duck brings the people of the city back together after they put their phones away.
54061768. sx318
AVOCADO ASKS: Avocado hunts for the truth, in each aisle of the supermarket, about whether he’s a fruit or a vegetable.
53426653. sx318
SLOTH WASN’T SLEEPY: Mama Sloth knows some special secrets to help her worried little daughter calm down and drift off to sleep.
54222484. sx318
RISSY NO KISSIES: Rissy’s friends and family wonder if she’s sick, confused, or rude because she’s a lovebird who doesn’t like kisses. Rhyme
53479912. sx318
RECTANGLE TIME: Told from the cat’s point of view as it spends time with the boy and watches as the boy gets bigger, the rectangle gets smaller, and it’s (the cat’s) assistance is no longer needed.
55871805. sx318
TEARS: Explores the reasons why people cry and conveys the idea that when we let our tears flow, we are stronger.
54303961. sx318
OUT OF NOWHERE: A beetle courageously sets out in search of his best friend, a caterpillar who arrived out of nowhere and vanished without warning.
54075341. sx318
RAINDROPS TO RAINBOW: On a rainy day, a girl discovers that color can be found all around us, no matter the weather. Rhyme/Concept
52515996. sx318
THE LOST PACKAGE: Follow one package’s journey from lost to found, and from coast to coast.
BEDTIME BALLET: When the sun sets, a little girl jumps, slides, and pirouettes her way to bed. Rhyme

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