Picture Books At The Library 231

Here are a few recent titles I’ve read. What new picture books have you read? Please share in the comments section.
53398726. sx318
MOTHER GOOSE TO THE RESCUE!: When the Queen of Hearts’ castle goes up in flames, Mother Goose and her band of nursery rhyme firefighters jump to the rescue. Rhyme
54061664. sx318
TREEMENDOUS: Follow along as a tiny acorn grows up to be a tall and mighty oak tree.
MEESHA MAKES FRIENDS: Meesha struggles to make friends, so she creates her own out of found materials.
ELEPHANTS DO NOT BELONG IN TREES: When an elephant takes up roost in a tree, he upsets the other animals, until a bulldozer comes along, and the elephant saves their home.
51746929. sx318
A FAMILY FOR FARU: Tetenya looks for a family of rhinos to take in an orphan named Faru, but he must protect the young rhino from poachers first.
55348976. sx318
MY MONSTERPIECE: When a child’s attempts at making a scary monster fail, they begin to imagine that monsters don’t have to be scary after all.
55923680. sx318
HOORAY, IT’S GARBAGE DAY!: Neighborhood children look forward to garbage day and have fun making their own garbage truck. Rhyme
Book Cover
SAM’S FIRST WORD: Baby Sam is ready to say her first word, but the adults in her life keep missing the moment, until she does something they can’t ignore.
Book Cover
THE AQUANAUT: A child dreams of being an explorer, helping others, and meeting new friends. Striking art!
Book Cover
THE PERFECT SHELTER: When a child discovers her sister is ill, she doesn’t know how to deal with it at first, but then she realizes that being together is all they need.

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