Happy Book Birthday to BRAINSTORM! by Rebecca Gardyn Levington!

Title: Brainstorm!

Author: Rebecca Gardyn Levington

Illustrator: Kate Kronreif

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Release Date: August 3, 2022

Format: Hardcover

Summary: When it’s time to write in class, one child feels like she has absolutely nothing to say. But suddenly—ker-plink!—one drop, one tiny thought, hits her. Before long, she’s caught in a shower of funny phrases, a whirlwind of adjectives and verbs, and a downpour of huge ideas. BOOM, CRASH! It’s a gigantic brainstorm of creativity for her to soak up and play in!

BRAINSTORM! is targeted to children in grades K-3, who are beginning to learn how to shape and sharpen their idea-generation and storytelling skills. It includes writing prompts and a glossary to help parents, teachers, and librarians encourage kids to have fun playing with new ideas.

Do you have a children’s picture book coming out soon? I’d love to wish it a Happy Book Birthday here on Frog on a Blog! CLICK for more information.

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