“The Peddler’s Bed” Makes Its Way To New Zealand!

Robyn Wilson, Librarian at Palmerston North City Library in New Zealand

Robyn Wilson, Librarian at Palmerston North City Library in New Zealand

The Peddler’s Bed is making its way across the country and around the globe. It’s in New York, California, Florida, Oregon,  Alaska, Canada, Germany, England, the Philippines, and now New Zealand! If you’ve seen The Peddler’s Bed in your area, leave a comment with the state or country that you’re from. I can’t wait to hear where else my book has gone!

Reminder: Check It Out!

Did you know that the library is a treasure chest? It’s a treasure chest filled with precious gems. My favorite gems are the picture books, of course. 

The library is also a garden filled with beautiful, sweet-scented flowers. My favorite flowers are, you guessed it, the picture books.

But did you also know that if you don’t check the picture books out from the library, they will be weeded from the collection?! It’s not enough to just go hang out in the children’s room, pick a bunch of books off the shelves, and then sit down and read them (though that’s very nice). If you want your favorite book to remain part of your library’s collection, then you must check it out. If you want all your beloved titles to be on the library’s shelves for years to come, available to countless children, check them out, check them out often.

Because the library where I work has limited space, books (and other items) are weeded out often to make room for new books. Recently, many wonderful picture books were pulled and put in the large book sale we had over the weekend. It breaks my heart to see them go. My only consolation is that most of them sold and so will have a second life, so to speak.

I’d love the books to remain a part of our collection. And if we had more room, we could keep them longer. But circulation stats count, meaning if they don’t circulate (get checked out), they get pulled.

So if you have a favorite picture book at your library: Check It Out!