A Lemur In The Library: Part One

A small tale for your enjoyment!


Part One
by Lauri Fortino



“Where did it come from?” asked the librarian.
“Madagascar, I think,” answered the page.
“I meant, how did it get here?”
The page shrugged.
The lemur climbed up the fiction stacks, pulling books off the shelf as it went.
It tore off the corner of James Patterson’s Zoo with its sharp, pointed teeth, but finding it too tough, dropped it to the floor with a thud.
It leaped from the top of the stack to the next one.
It paused just a moment to fluff its long, ringed tail with its tiny front claws before reaching down to grab a tasty looking romance novel, Debbie Macomber’s Here Comes Trouble.
It devoured half of the paperback before it jumped onto a table occupied by three hapless patrons.
One screamed and another knocked over a chair in his haste to make for the door.
The lemur hopped across the table on its hind legs, flicked its tail, and chattered loudly.
“What’s that smell?” asked the page.
“I’d better call animal control,” said the librarian, as she turned and rushed back to the office.

*This story originally appeared in the newsletter of the Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville.

7 thoughts on “A Lemur In The Library: Part One

    • I love lemurs; they’re fascinating animals. In researching them for another story, I thought it would be fun to write this little six-part, light-hearted story for my library’s newsletter. Stop by next week for Part Two!

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