A Lemur In The Library: Part Six (Conclusion)

Part Six
by Lauri Fortino


After the failed attempt to trap the lemur, the librarian, along with the page, still clutching his net, followed the clever creature to the public computers.
The lemur was already crouched in front of a monitor, tapping on the keyboard. It chirped excitedly every time a new image appeared on the screen.
The frazzled library staff watched for a moment, trying to decide what to do.
The clanging of the front door sent the lemur sprinting off again, this time, in the direction of the children’s room.
“Hello? We’re from animal control. Is anyone here?”
“It’s heading toward the back!” the librarian yelled.
“We never warned the folks at story hour!” said the page, as he and the librarian hurried after the lemur.
The two animal control officers joined them in the chase.
The lemur, realizing it was being pursued, cut through the teen area like a tornado.
It bumped a Carl Hiaasen display, sending copies of Scat, Chomp, and Flush raining down on an unsuspecting tutor and his student, engrossed in a lesson.
Then it made a beeline for the children’s room.
By the time the librarian, page, and animal control officers caught up, the lemur was sitting on the shoulder of a young woman from the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, who was speaking to a group of kids.
The kids laughed and squealed as the lemur stole the zookeeper’s glasses and put them on.
The librarian, out of breath, managed to say, “Is it your lemur?”
“Yes,” she answered. “This is Donny. He wasn’t any trouble was he?”
The librarian and the page looked at one another.
“No trouble at all,” said the librarian, as she collapsed into a beanbag chair.

I hope you enjoyed this small tale!

*This story originally appeared in the newsletter of the Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville.

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