A Lemur In The Library: Part Four

Part Four
by Lauri Fortino


The librarian slowly opened the office door and stuck her head out.
The lemur was nowhere in sight.
“What’s taking animal control so long?” she said, as she cautiously stepped out into the library.
She heard a strange shuffling coming from the periodical section, and tiptoed toward the sound.
She froze when she spotted the lemur on top of the magazine rack.
It was stretched out on its back tearing the latest issue of National Geographic to shreds.
“I have an idea,” whispered the page, coming up behind the librarian. “Let’s set a trap.”
“What kind of trap?” answered the librarian.
The page motioned for the librarian to follow him back to the office.
“We can use this,” he said, as he held up a large butterfly net, a prop left behind after a recent children’s nature event.
“How?” asked the librarian, a bit doubtful.
“We lure the lemur into the storage closet with some food. Then while it’s cornered, we snare it with the net and put it in a box.”
“It might work,” said the librarian. “You’re in charge of the net.”
“I am?” asked the page.
“It was your idea.”
The page turned pale.
“Don’t worry,” said the librarian, “I’ll help.”

*This story originally appeared in the newsletter of the Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville.

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